If one-size-fits-all RISK MANAGEMENT software products were the solution we would not be in this crisis!

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  • Automated Mortgage Quality Control software platform
  • Pre and Post-funding QC audits
  • Private label product licensing
  • Mela Capital Group Underwriting, QC outsourcing services
  • Robust, customizable rules engine, applications
  • Pre and Post-funding Agency and Investor customized QC platform
  • Integrated Compliance testing
  • Individual, portfolio and NMLS party risk analytics, reporting and trending
  • Statistical, random and risk based sampling algorithms
  • Loan document indexing, Guideline retention, Data warehousing
  • Loan Level / Portfolio Level / Trending Risk Analytics
  • Enterprise and Business Intelligence Reporting,┬ávisual aids, data presentations
  • Data┬ámining, Database Structures, Data Libraries
  • RMBS Litigation Support
  • Risk Modeling, Portfolio Analytics
  • Indexing, archiving, and retention of Loan Tape, Origination, Underwriting, Servicing transfer and Investor data, guidelines
  • Loan document imaging

Mela Capital Group’s dedicated RMBS litigation defense underwriting team has been on the front lines for precedent-setting, multi-billion dollar class action litigation since 2008.┬á Customized services for our global investment banking and world-renowned legal clients include:

  • RMBS Litigation Reunderwriting
  • RMBS Loan Document Inventory
  • RMBS Guideline Mapping
  • RMBS Defense rebuttal response underwriting, reporting, analytics
  • Automated RMBS full-cycle reunderwriting software platform
  • Materiality deficiency assessments
  • Deficiency variance identification, analytics, reporting
  • Valuation and appraisal reviews
  • Compliance testing

Mela Capital Group’s dedicated team of frontline, manual underwriters has been hand-selected to bring multi-channel origination and investor guideline expertise to all aspects of the loan approval, including:

  • Agency, Investor pre/post-funding QC auditing, reporting and analytics
  • High net worth, Investor and Agency quality control underwriting
  • Deficiency variance identification, analytics, reporting
  • Property appraisal and valuation underwriting
  • Mortgage fraud detection and mitigation
  • Servicing transfer, Securitization portfolio risk sampling, analytics

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